Mar 25, 2015

To Love or Be Loved

Asked a question on my Facebook lately and it keeps me ponder for a long time.

You asked, what's my answer.
My initial answer, it depends on the situation.

I asked, what's your answer.
To be loved. From 2 of you at different time.
You said, no why. You said, cause you will ensure you love that person 100% in return.
I don't understand why.

If I was forced to choose, I think I'll choose to love. 
Not just because I won't regret cause that's my choice, but also I won't feel guilty.

For me, it's just unfair.
Demand more from others but how sure I am that I can love back?
I would rather to suffer, and I won't want to have the burden throughout the journey.

Perhaps, the last him love me more than I love him?
Or perhaps, I am just being even selfish, cause I know those who love me will never leave?

Afterall, there's no right or wrong for love.
The best it would be, to be loved by the one you love. 

Feb 1, 2015

Stop. Think. Talk

Had a lot of reflection on myself lately. On the things I mentioned. It was like I can always screwed things up cause of things I said.

Don't ask me how, and don't critic me for that. I tried my best, but yes I still need to put in more efforts I know. Time to be more cautious, time to be more careful, and time to be more quiet.

Let's have a silent yet more productive February :)

- - -

I'm getting more and more fed up and tired with you recently. Don't say that I didn't open up, but yes I admit I wasn't that brave anymore. I don't understand you at all. And you never concern about my insecurities. I don't like this, I really don't like this.

You change or I change? Or just let this be and I know if really so, I am gonna lost you forever. I tried my best to change, but will it be I lose myself later?

- - -

In life, you are going to be lied to, left out, talked about, and used. But all these people are those who can't fit in to our masterpiece. You will be the one to decide whose worth your tears and who isn't it.

Be true to yourself, be honest to your heart and be strong. Time will heal every wound :)

Nov 13, 2014

Happy Birthday ❤

Hahaha, if you are a loyal reader, you will realised that I update my blog a lot more frequent usually before my final. Procrastination level x 99.


Done with my late night revision and it was raining while I am on my way back. Since someone said that it's ok to walk under the rain, weeeee~~ There came my very rare chance to walk under the rain!

It really triggered a lot of those amazing memories, especially those time when I was in primary school. Can't forget how much fun all of us had under the rain. Getting wet is just way too fun with all those crazy classmates and friends.

Well, I miss you guys :) Are you guys doing fine at this moment? 

Imma going home later to surprise Daddy for his birthday :D
I know I am kinda brave to go home at this period, but well, I know what's more important and I believe it won't affect me much :) Stay positive hehe :D

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my one and only hero :)
Can't wait to see your reaction later :P

Wan Qi